Bashundhara is the dream neighborhood for many. It is the most popular place for a home among families with children; both small and university-ready. Beautifully planned and laid out, it is a haven within the city away from the bustle and noise of the capital. Alongside wonderfully laid out roads and homes, Bashundhara has schools for children and houses many top universities in the country. Bashundhara is also the site of the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh, Jamuna Future Park. Apollo Hospital is also within the neighborhood, allowing all medical attention to be met immediately.




Bashundhara communityBashundhara Residential Area is an absolutely beautiful place with that promotes strong community ethics. Everyone is focused on keeping only the cleanest and most pristine area for themselves. The area, even in just the last 25 years, was no more than fields and water. But today, it is the place to live among newlyweds and those seeking every amenity of modern life in a peaceful community oriented neighborhood.



Bashundhara properties

Though the initial vision of Bashundhara R/A was a neighborhood of bungalows, only the residential nature of that picture came to fruition. Houses here were mostly constructed by major developers and you can expect apartments anywhere between 800 and 3200 square feet with the majority being 2 bed and 3 bath apartments. Though there are many schools and even three major private university campuses here, the bulk of commercial activity is in the Bashundhara gate area.This area is also home to GP House and the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh, Jamuna Future Park.



Bashundhara transport

There are two types of transportation to consider here, internal and citywide. Starting from anywhere within the Bashundhara R/A requires the use of either private transportation or the aid of Rickshaws that are abundantly available. But to move around the rest of the city, Bashundhara is quite well connected. On the commercial side, you’ll always find CNGs, taxis and the bus stops for many different routes of buses. From here, you can get to almost any part of Dhaka city without having to change routes. Parking, however, is a different story. If driving a private vehicle, you may have trouble finding a good place to park your car. Not that it’s impossible; it may just be a little more hassle than you would appreciate.




International School Dhaka, HURDCO International School and Viquarunnisa Noon School and College can be found here among many other smaller ones, making Bashundhara a majorly attractive location for parents of young children. Bashundhara also has 3 major private universities of the country namely: North South University, International University, Bangladesh, and American International University – Bangladesh.



Apollo Hospital

Bashundhara has one of the premier hospitals in all of Bangladesh. Apollo has been curing the sick and serving patients for many years and has built itself a great reputation. The hospital compound stands away from the busy parts of Bashundhara but remains incredibly accessible to cars, CNGs, and rickshaws. It’s relative proximity to the Residential Area ensures residents are always within reach of emergency treatment.



There are a handful of Masjids across the huge residential area of Bashundhara. This wonderful place ensures that people from all across the various blocks have a place to go to perform their daily, friday and Eid prayers.



Kuril Bishwa Road

Bashundhara is an ideal area for moving around the city. It has easy access to both the airport and the busy Gulshan area. Exiting the city is also an easy feat thanks to all the roads connecting to Bashundhara. One of the best connectivity features of Bashndhara is its proximity to the future of the Capital – Purbachal New Town.



From small food stands to franchises like Pizza Hut and KFC, Bashundhara sees an excess of places to eat. This is to cater to all the people in the residential area but also for all the shop visitors and the students that are always present there. With all this attention, once small food shops like Burger Lab have made a resounding name for themselves.



There are numerous shopping spots on the main road of Bashundhara. Clothes, shoes, bags and tons of other stuff are always made available. Small electrical gadgets and appliances are also at hand for a quick buy. But Jamuna Future Park is the crown jewel of the area.


Jamuna Future Park – or JFP as the kids call it – is the largest shopping complex in all of Southeast Asia. Its magnitude is matched by the activities inside. There is no end to the number of branded apparel shops inside the walls of this giant mall. The top floor is a huge maze of a food court with popular names like Burger King and Pizza Hut. Walk around a bit more and you’ll find yourself at the games’ corner or at Blockbuster for a movie. Even just walking in through the frontside of Jamuna Future Park you’ll be walking past a small theme park. This huge mall really is a world of its own.