Maghbazar is a widely known neighborhood in Dhaka city, with an origin dating back to the Mughal era. The once present Maghbazar Overbridge used to be an iconic sight for city dwellers but has since been demolished and in its place now stands a mammoth structure in the form of the Maghbazar-Malibagh flyover. The area is perfectly located in the middle of the city and shares amazing connectivity to other parts of Dhaka which ensures a convenient lifestyle for its residents. Moreover, Maghbazar is comprised of Nayatola, Modhubag, and, to some extent, Mirbag.

There are many roads and alleys that stretch throughout the area. many of which have interesting names to say the least. There is an unusually high number of “goli’ in the area with names like “Pirer Goli”, “Bata Goli” and “Doctor Goli”. To some, these golis can be difficult to navigate but for those who live here know them like the back of their hands. Maghbazar also has access to some very outstanding educational institutions in neighboring areas. And over the years, notable developments took place in this area which not only changed its outlook but also boosted the apartment demand and eventually made it into an even more highly desirable area to live in. There are numerous vendor shops present in Maghbazar, actively serving the needs of people. Apart from the strong transportation infrastructure.



When it comes to connectivity, Maghbazar made an amazing improvement. Before, Maghbazar used to be a place with heavy congestion, but now the situation has entirely changed due to transportation developments. Initially the establishment of Maghbazar flyover aided greatly to address the traffic situation of the area. Furthermore, after the Hatirjheel project was completed, Maghbazar became a major point of communication from one end of Dhaka city to another. In general, it is easier for anyone to reach areas like Gulshan, Aftabnagar, and Khilgaon using the Hatirjheel route. Additionally, abundant availability of busses, rickshaws, and the railgate help residents to move to the nearby areas for their daily activities.




The locality of Maghbazar is quite bustling, which is complemented by the ongoing real estate development activities throughout the area. Over the years, this area has emerged as an established one, while being densely populated. The community is considered a perfect one for the middle and upper middle class people, especially after considering the affordability factor. Apartment demand and the price range falls within the affordable range in Nayatola and Modhubag. In spite of the progression this area has made so far, there is still plenty of room for upgrading the locality in order to make it more lucrative in the eyes of the citizens.


Maghbazar is a mixed neighborhood with a growing business hub at present that has several commercial spaces being rented out along with being home to a lot of commercial signage shops in the vicinity. Renowned developers are raising new apartments along the main road, adding more to the aesthetic side of the neighborhood. Moreover, old government housings, quarters, old buildings, and telephone exchange offices are still visible in the area. One thing which makes Maghbazar unique is the presence of the largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL).

While considering the convenience, it is way easier to find bike showrooms in Maghbazar, compared to other areas. Besides this, there is presence of both private and public banks in Maghbzar, starting from Agrani Bank Limited, Sonali Bank Limited, Brac Bank, and NCC Bank Limited to many others. Other commercial offices include Walton International, Akij Motors, Esquire Electronics Limited, and many others.



Maghbazar houses some of the oldest and most prestigious schools and colleges in Dhaka. The best part is the quality of education which the institutions provide and the values they instill in the minds of students. Some of the renowned schools and colleges located in Maghbazar are Maghbazar Ispahani College and School, Maghbazar Government Primary School, St. Patrick’s Grammar School, National Bank Public School & College, and Siddheshwari University College. Besides these, next to the area, in Siddeshwari there are few other famous schools like Maghbazar Girls High School and Viqarunnisa Noon School and College.


Maghbazar is surrounded by some of the best hospitals in the city. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Ad-din Hospital are quite renowned in Maghbazar, especially for dealing with maternity cases. The area also hosts numerous medical colleges and hospitals like Dhaka Community Medical College and Hospital, and Insaaf Barakah Hospital. Moreover, Sirajul Islam Hospital is one of the biggest private medical schools and is very well known all over the area for its medical care services. Besides these, Lazz Pharma, AKS Pharmacy, Fine Pharma, and several other pharmacies are available in close proximity.



As far as recreational activities are concerned, Maghbazar does not have many in the list yet. In most cases, playgrounds of the schools and colleges are used to host extracurricular activities. There is a Nayatola Park in Maghbazar, located right beside Nayatola Sorkari Prathomik Bidyaloy. BTCL Children Park is also quite popular and usually children along with their parents and friends spend time there during the evening. There is also the Hatirjheel Children Park just a few minutes away from Maghbazar, which is used as a recreational spot by the nearby residents.


Maghbazar has numerous mosques all across the area. Right along the Maghbazar circle, is the Maghbazar Chourasta Jame Masjid. Muslims can also consider praying in other masjids like Baitul Mamun Jame Masjid and Maghbazar Charulata Market Jame Masjid. Those who belong to the Hindu community should consider visiting the Sree Sree Siddheshwari Kali Temple, situated in the Siddeshwari lane.


Maghbazar is covered by several major areas of Dhaka city and no place is too far from here. It is located in an advantageous position which automatically connects it to every part of the city. On the north side, there is Tejgaon, Farmgate, and Nayatola. The southern side faces Baily Road, Ramna, Shantinagar, and Siddeshwari. On the west, there are Old and New Eskaton, and Malibagh, and Mouchak on the east.



Maghbazar has awesome options when it comes to food. Fakruddin Restaurant, Shawarma House, and Arabian Shawarma House are some of the better known food places. The great Chang Pei Restaurant is a significant restaurant of the area, recognized as the first Bengali chinese restaurant in Bangladesh. Besides, there are plenty of local eateries available in the area, which draws a huge level of customers to enjoy the food, especially during the evening. Residents also prefer eating in Canton Chinese Restaurant, which is still popular in spite of being an old restaurant in Maghbazar.


Bishal Center was once the main shopping hub of Maghbazar. During each and every religious occasion, this place used to be the first priority for shopping. Over time, Aarong opened an outlet in Maghbazar and grabbed a major portion of the market. Gradually competition grew in this area and people opted for new and upgraded products. Additionally, if anyone is looking for a long lasting and reasonably priced pair of glasses, Century Arcade Shopping center would be the perfect place. Lastly, there are super shops like Agora and Shwapno present in the area, which meets the needs of residents for buying essentials to a great extent.