With an abundance of residential and commercial facilities, this part of Mirpur is very popular among middle-class people. While section 12 and section 13 of Mirpur North are mostly for residential purposes, section 11 and 10 can cater to both of your commercial and residential needs. Over the years Mirpur North has gone through multiple development projects but the place remains affordable to most people. In turn, it becomes one of the most sought-after areas to live in Dhaka. 


And why would it not? The area is an assortment of quality educational institutions, mouth-watering eateries, modern healthcare facilities, and thriving business opportunities. Couple all these with the great connectivity that this area offers with the rest of the city, it instantly becomes one of the most desirable places to settle down.


From Vashantek to Mirpur 10, Mirpur North is neatly organized and the rapid infrastructural development has turned this part of Dhaka into a well-established neighborhood over time. Lifestyle in this area is very affordable. With every residential amenities and facilities Mirpur North is one of the most desirable areas to live for middle-class people. 


Most parts of each section of the Mirpur North is divided into blocks and connected by well-constructed roads that hold numerous modern residential buildings. Local shops and bazaars inside the localities are abundant and can easily cater to your daily necessities at a reasonable price. Since Mirpur North is fully covered by Kafrul thana and Pallabi thana, the security is top-notch. Furthermore, the continuous development of different societies inside the area is just adding more to the community.



A street scene in Mirpur 12

Mirpur was not the same as it is today back in 90s. For many people, the area was a distant land for residence in the city. The lack of transportation facilities and other infrastructural developments made it difficult to consider this area to be an ideal location for living. However, over the years, numerous development initiatives such as the renovation of the inner road of sections 10, 12, 13, the development of Bijoy Rakeen City at section 15 and the recent Matikata road construction project have been taken to ensure that the area becomes desirable to the people. 


Today, Mirpur has become one of the most densely populated areas in the entire city. North side of the Mirpur, on the other hand, has grown to be the host of various institutions such as garments factories, major banks, NBFIs, major governmental and non-governmental bodies, restaurants, shopping centers as well as commercial properties. The area also features some of the most prestigious institutions in the city. All these have made Mirpur a very desirable location in the eyes of real estate developers and investors.



various transportations at Mirpur 10

Mirpur North is connected to the rest of the city with excellent roads and highways. Although the main transportation inside the area heavily relies on rickshaws, you can also expect to take a bus to reach your destination inside Mirpur. 


And with the recent addition of the Metro Rail project, primarily the Dhaka MRT Line 6, which will connect Mirpur to Uttara, Farmgate, Shahbagh, Dhaka University, and Motijheel, occupying more than 20 kilometers, via rapid transport, it is expected to cut the travel time by two-thirds. Furthermore, Mirpur North is connected to uttara via Mirpur 11 and matikata road and Banani via Kachukhet road. There are also dedicated bus services to ease the hassle of getting to Banani, Gulshan 1 and Badda.




Educational institutions are one of the prime concerns when it comes to family dwellers. To that end, this area can facilitate you with a whole host of prominent and prestigious educational institutions. SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Mirpur Bangla High School and College, Scholastica Senior Campus Mirpur, Greenfield School and College, Police Staff College Bangladesh, and Vashantek Govt. College, Vashantek Govt. College are to name but a few to ensure your child’s education. 


And universities such as the Institute of Science Trade & Technology, Central University of Science and Technology are there if any of you want to pursue higher studies. Other than that, there are several institutes such as Autistic Children’s Welfare Foundation at Mirpur section 12 and Bluming Buds Center for Autistic children/Blooming Buds International School at section 11 are trying their best to help children with special need. Furthermore, training institutes such as Financial Management Institute are there for those who want to be trained on financial management issues.




There is no shortage of medical institutions in Mirpur North. From ayurvedic to the state-of-the-art medical college and diagnostic centers, Mirpur North hosts a number of leading healthcare facilities. These institutions provide medical diagnostics, support, and emergencies. Medical facilities such as Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) at Vashantek road is specialized in treating disabled people and a great rehabilitation center. The area also houses some amazing generalized hospitals and specialised treatment centers such as icddr,b medical treatment center for diarrhoea, Aalok Diagnostic Centre, MARKS Medical College & Hospital to treat patients with all sorts of diseases. On the other hand, Bangladesh’s largest government dental college Dhaka Dental College which is located on the East side of Mirpur is also in the vicinity of Mirpur North. Which arguably has the best oral and maxillofacial surgery department in the entire Asia.



With mosques that are within the reach of 100 meters (more or less) from any location, Mirpur North is populated with a great number of religious institutions. In a vast area such as Mirpur North, the mosques are also huge to accommodate a large number of Muslim devotees across the area. Baitul Azmat Jame Mosque, for example, is one of the largest in Mirpur North and can hold a massive number of people inside the building. On the other hand, Shakyamuni Buddhist Temple beside the Scholastica Senior Campus Mirpur and Sarbajanin Sri Sri Durga Mondir and Sebasram at Mirpur 13 are there for the followers of Buddhism and Hindu religion.


Kuril bishwa road

Bordered by Mirpur 2, Mirpur 6 and Pallabi in the west, Mirpur North maintains a great connection with the other notable parts of Mirpur and the rest of the city cia Mirpur section 2, 10 and 14. Also, the area is adjacent to Dhaka cantonment and thanks to the rapid transport project Mirpur North will be just a short distance away from the Airport and Uttara in the future. On the other side, prominent commercial areas such as Banani and Gulshan are also in close proximity and connected by Kachukhet road and Shadheenata Sharani.




One of the best aspects of Mirpur north is that it hosts an uncountable number of great eateries specialized in traditional, continental and oriental cuisines. One of the most notable restaurants in this area is the Rabbani Hotel and Restaurant in section 11. This restaurant is famous for its mouth-watering ‘Chaps’ and ‘Kebabs’. But if you are looking for oriental or continental cuisines, section 12 can suffice your need. Apart from that, head to Matikata road at Kalshi if you want to enjoy flavorsome foods in restaurants with great views.



Benaroshi Polli and Nannu market are two of the most popular shopping locations in the Mirpur North. People from across the city come to Benaroshi Polli for bridal shopping and other necessities. Nannu market, on the other hand, can cater to people of different needs. There are plenty of popular brand outlets spread across the road of sections 10 to 12. But if that doesn’t suffice your need, Mirpur 1 and 2 which are just a short distance away from Mirpur North can offer much variety in terms of shopping centers and brand outlets.